American Elm

Maine Tree Club

Genus: The scientific name of the American Elm is the Ulmus americana.

Height: The height of this tree is 120 feet tall.

Soil: The soil of the American Elm tree is moist, deep, and rich.

Bark: The bark is dark and ashen-gray diamond-shaped.

Leaves: The American Elm does not lose its leaves. The leaves are green and the edges are rough.

Seeds: The seeds are small and sharp.

Wood: The wood is coarse grained, and heavy and strong.

Twigs: The twigs have buds on top. Both sides are colored brown-gray.

Interesting Facts: The wood of the American Elm is used for plywood, flooring, railroad ties, and pulp. This tree was one of our largest and most graceful trees and lined many Maine Communities. Dutch elm disease killed off many of the older elms.