American Sycamore
sycamore leaves
Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific name: The scientific name of the American Sycamore is Platanus occidentalis.

Height: This tree can grow from 75- 100 feet.

Soil: The American Sycamore can survive in moist and fertile soil.

Bark: This tree's saplings are greenish gray in color. The mature trees have brownish and  smooth bark.

Leaves: The American Sycamore's leaves are about 4- 10 inches across. They look like a maple tree's leaf. The top of the leaves look light green. The underneath of the Sycamore leaf is white and woolly.

Flower: This tree's male flowers grow on short stalks as well as the the female flowers. The flowers only appear in May.

Fruit: The fruit of the American Sycamore looks like pebbly- grained, brown balls. The fruit usually stays on until spring.

Seeds: This tree's seeds are shoe nail- shaped nutlets.

Wood: The American Sycamore's wood is hard and firm.

Interesting Facts: The wood will definitely perish when exposed to weather. The wood makes lots of helpful objects. For example the wood can be used for furniture, butchers' blocks, crates, and the interior finish of houses. The American Sycamore is a very adaptable and rugged tree. This species of tree is hardy to Zone 4. The American Sycamore usually has a large and massive trunk with crooked branches.


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