Ash, Black or Brown


Scientific name: The ash's scientific name is Fraxinus nigra. Fraxinus nigra is a Greek name.

Height: If the condition is great the ash would grow up to at least 50 to 60 feet. It has a diameter of 10 to 20 inches.

Bark: The ash has a foamy feeling on the surface of the bark. It is also a dark white color.

Fruit: The fruit is a seed. It occurs in clusters. There are wings on these seeds. They fall off in autumn.

Leaves: The ash leaves grow up to about 12 to 15 inches long.

Soil: The ash needs rich soil. But sometimes they would appear in soggy swamps.

Wood: The wood of the ash is heavy and is grained. And they are used for baskets, cabinets, moldings, and door panels.

Interesting facts:  The twigs are olive green and have pointy tips. Ash is the most common tree in Maine. The inner layer of the bark is white. The upper part of the leaves are dark green. There are buff colored hairs on the surface of the leaves. Leaflets are lanced shaped that look like they're teeth. The buds on the ash are dark colored almost black.