Aspen, Bigtooth (Poplar)

Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific name:  Poplus grandidentata

Height:  The tree grows to be about 50-80 feet tall.  The diameter of the trunk can be 10-20 inches.

Soil:  This tree most likes moist, fertile soils. On dry poor soils it stays scrubby and small.

Bark:  The bark is smooth and it turns from olive to gray green in color.

Leaves:  The leaves grow from 3 to 6 inches long in a triangular shape with tooth like ridges.  The
color of the leaves in the spring are silvery and eventually turn dark green.

Flower: The flowers usually come out before the leaves do. The female produces the cottony seeds that are carried in the wind.

Fruit: The fruit of the tree ripens in the end of May or early June.

Wood:  The wood is light colored and it is soft and smooth.  The wood is used for pulp, wooden ware, crates and boxes.

Interesting Facts:  The Bigtooth Aspen is not a good tree for home landscapes because it has problems with pests. Hail storms destroy the bark and fire can easily kill this thin barked tree.  Other names for this tree are Largetooth Aspen, Poplar or Popple.