Balsam Fir


Maine Tree Club

Genus: The scientific name for this tree is Abies balsamea.

Height: The height of the balsam fir is 60 to 70 feet high.

Soil: The type of  soil this tree likes iswell-drained  soil.  Soil may contain a variety of materialsincluding gneiss, schist,  slate, sandstone and limestone.  Thistree is most common on cool,  medium-to-wet sites with soil pH of5.1-6.0.

Bark: The color of the bark on this tree is a grayish color.  It is smooth and thin.

Leaves: The leaves on the balsam fir are needle-like.They are one-half to one inch in length.  Their color is grayish-greenish. The leaves do not fall off the tree in the fall.

Fruit: The fruit on this tree stand upright but not all the time.  It almost looks like a pine cone.

Seed: The seeds are 2mm to 3mm long with brown and a little bit of purple
on the wing.

Wood: The wood of the balsam fir is mostly used for Christmas trees.

Twigs: The twigs on the balsam fir are smooth after the leaves have shed.

Interesting Facts: The balsam fir's wood is white to pale brown, without distinctive odor.  The wood is light weight and soft with good splitting resistance, but low in shock resistance
and nail holding capacity.  The plants that live near this tree are the shrub comus canadensis
 and the herb trientalis dorealis.