Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific name: The scientific name for the basswood is Tilia americana.

Height: The height for the basswood tree can be 130 feet tall. It also grows quickly.

Wood: Basswood can be twisted. With this wood you can make rope cords and mats. The bark can be used to make baskets. The basswood can be used for carving and veneer paper pulp.

Leaves: The leaves on the basswood are dark green and underneath they are shiny. The leaves are 4-6 inches wide. The tree looses its leaves in the fall.

Flowers: The flowers on the basswood are pale yellow. They smell so good and they come out in June.

Seeds: The fruit  on the basswood is round and woody. The fruits is about the size of a pea. It can be in clusters or can be single. It acts as a sail to scatter the seed and fruit. Animals can spread the seed and fruit too. Seeds and fruit grow from the leaves.

Interesting facts: The basswood is known as the bee tree because of the bees that get honey from the tree.  The flowers and fruit can be ground into a paste for an excellent fruit substitute for chocolate.