Black Cherry

Maine Tree Club

Genus: The scientific name for black cherry is Prunus serotina.

Height: The black cherry is 50-60 feet tall.

Soil: The black cherry grows in deep, moist but well-drained fertile soils.

Bark: The bark of the black cherry  has large curved scales, squarish in shape. The bark has medicinal properties.

Leaves: The leaves on the black cherry are less than 5" long. The color of the leaves are grass green. These leaves change color in the fall. Leaves are alternate,  simple, and double toothed.

Seeds: The seeds are inside the fruit.

Wood: The black cherry's wood is very useful. The wood is reddish-brown and used for furniture making.

Flowers: The black cherry produces many flowers which appear the last of May or early June.

Fruit: The black cherry fruit is small in size. The fruit has been used in making wine and jelly.

Interesting Facts:    Plants which grow nearby are witch-hazel, hobblebush, violets, wood sorrel, asters and club mosses.