The Hawthorn  or Thorn-apple Tree

Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific Name:The Scientific name for the Hawthorn or Thorn-apple name is Crataegus. sp.

Height: The Hawthorn or Thorn-apple can grow up to 15-18 feet tall. As you can see, the Hawthorn is a small tree compared to other trees.

Soil:The Hawthorn or Thorn-apple likes well-drained moist soil. It is also adaptable to other  conditions.

Bark: The bark is dark brown. The bark is also scaly.

Leaves: The leaves are thin and dark green. They can grow up to 3-4 inches long, and 2-3 inches wide.

Fruit:The fruits are small red apples that can be 3-4 inches around. They are loved by birds in the winter.The fruit is also used for jellies. The thin and mealy flesh encloses from 1-5 nutlets rounded. They usually come out clusters in the early autumn.

Flowers:The flowers are grown in showy, white clusters. They normally bloom in the beginning of June.

Seed:The seeds are attached to the twig. They have a zigzag method of growth.

Wood:The wood is thick and heavy. The wood is also close grained.The wood is used for small items and handles.

Twigs:The twigs are slender and rigid. They usually have long sharp thorns.

Interesting Facts: It is difficult to grow grass under the Hawthorn Thorn-apple because of its horizontal, densely set, thorny low branches. That is why it is difficult to grow grass under it. The Hawthorn is disease and pest free tree. However, they are susceptible to fireblight. The only thing to worry about is the sharp thorns. Do not let your children climb this tree-they might get pricked! The Hawthorn is a deciduous tree. That means it loses its leaves in the fall, and then the leaves grow back in the spring. In the fall they are beautiful to look at.