Eastern Hemlock

Maine Tree Club

Genus: The scientific name for the Eastern Hemlockis   Tsuga canadensis.

Height: The Eastern Hemlock can grow up to 100 feet tall.

Soil: The Eastern Hemlock likes to live in dry soil.

Bark: The bark for the Eastern Hemlock  is both smooth and scaley.

Leaves: The Eastern Hemlock's leaves are half an inch long and the leaves are dark green with a white stomach.

Wood: The wood has coarse cross-graining and because of its brittleness it is hard to work with.  The wood is used for construction and cabins.

Interesting Facts: The Eastern Hemlock can live over 800 years.  This evergreen has  the shortest needles out of all the evergreens.  The Eastern Hemlock's bark was once used for  making leather.  Pennsylvania's state tree is the Eastern Hemlock.