Striped Maple or Moosewood

Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific names: Acer pennsylvanicum

Height: The Striped Maple can be 25 feet high.  It can also be  8 inches in diameter.

Soil:  The Striped Maple,  or Moosewood can be found living with hard woods on rocky slopes.

Bark:  The Striped Maple's bark has white lines that turn brown and give it it's name.

Leaves: The leaves are green with 3 lobes and  usually 5-6 inches long.

Fruit:   The fruit is yellow. The seeds come out in in late May early June . They fall off in October and November.

Wood: The wood can be used to make cabinets.

Interesting facts: The Striped Maple or Moose Wood  is not used for much other than cabinet makers who love to use this maple for cabinets.