Mountain Ash


Scientific name: The mountain ash's scientific name is Sorbus americana. Marsh

Height: Most of the mountain ash trees are 20-30 feet.

Bark: The bark has a soft, spongy, yellowish-grey outer layer and an inner, thicker portion

Leaves: The leaves are alternate and compound and 13-17 inches long, tapered, finely toothed leaflets. The mountain ash leaves can be 2-4 inches long, and 5\8- inches wide. The color of the leaves is green.

Flower & Fruit: There are clusters of small white flowers . The clusters of flowers all together are 3 to 5 inches long. the fruit is a bright red color. Like a strawberry. It is about 1/4 in diameter.

Wood: The wood is used to make hoops for barrels.

Interesting facts: Mountain ash is not a true ash but very close to being related to the apple.  Bees, birds and other insects are interested in the Mountain Ash tree. It needs a certain amount of water, but do not over water it.  People believed the mountain ash scared off bad spirits. Bits of its wood were used like a good luck charm.