Mountain Maple

Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific name: This Mountain Maple's scientific name is Acer spicatum lam.

Height: The Mountain Maple can grow up to 30 feet tall.

Soil: This Mountain Maple lives in rich, moist soil on rocky slopes and flat ground, also along streams. It also grows well on drier or well - drained acid soils.

Bark:  The Mountain Maple's bark is thin reddish brown, to gray in color.

Leaves: The Mountain Maple's leaves are 2-5 inches. The color of the leaves is dark yellowish green, under little bits of gray. The Mountain Maple does lose its leaves in the fall.

Fruit: The Mountain Maple's fruit is yellow and hairy. It is also insect pollinated. The Mountain Maple flowers appear in June, in long hairy, yellow green clusters.

Wood: The Mountain Maple's wood can be green, red to reddish brown. The Mountain Maple wood is close - grained.

Interesting Facts: The Mountain Maple is soft and not very strong. The Mountain Maple has a diameter of 3-4 inches. The moose, white- tailed deer, cottontails, snowshoe hares, and woodland caribou eat twigs of the Mountain Maple. Moose, deer and beavers eat the bark of this tree. Ruffed grouse eat the buds of the Mountain Maple tree.