Red Maple


Scientific name:  The scientific name of the red maple is Acer rubrum.

Height: The red maple can grow up to 50-60 feet.

Soil:The Red Maple needs wet soil to live.

Bark:The bark is smooth and light gray on young trees and dark gray and rough on old trees.

Leaves:The leaves are light green and are double toothed and are 5 inches long.

Fruit:The fruit are tiny paired wings that are two inches long.

Flower:The flowers are red buds that bloom in to a small flower.

Wood:The wood is hard and heavy and is easy to work with.

Interesting Facts: Native Americans used the bark to treat sickness. Many people use the wood for ply wood. The red maple is found all throughout Maine. The red maple is known for its beauty and its habit of growing quickly. The red maple can be two feet wide.