Maine Tree Club

Genus: The scientific name for the red pine is Pinus resinosa.

Height: The height of the red pine is 50-100 feet tall. The diameter is  2-3 feet.

Soil: The red pine mostly lives in very poor soil and sometimes will
 live in sandy places.

Bark: The red pine has reddish-brownish bark that is a little bit scaly.

Leaves: The leaves on the red pine are needles. They can grow up to
 3-8 inches long.  The needles are green, and don't fall off in the fall or change color.

Fruit: The fruit for the red pine are pine cones.

Twigs: The twigs have very little texture, and have a lot of needles.

Wood: The wood of the red pine is softwood and also fire resistant.

Interesting Facts: The shape  of the red pineis just like a triangle.  The red pine grows very  rapidly. The red pine is also called the Norway pine becuase early  settlersfirst found them near Norway, Maine.  The red pine's wood  isfire resistant.  The wood is used for interior wood trim, poles and other building uses.