Speckled Alder

Image: macphailwoods.org

Scientific name: Alnus incana ssp. rugosa.

Height: It can grow around 6'-20' tall.

Soil: The Speckled Alder is usually found in nitrogen rich soil.

Bark: The Speckled Alder's bark is gray and very smooth with little bumps.

Leaves: The leaves are flat with no hair and the teeth go in patterns of large and small.

Flower: Catkins grow in groups of 4 through 10. Male catkins have a waxy outer cone.

Seeds: The seed is an oval winged nutlet that is in a shape of an egg.

Wood: The Speckled Alder's wood is used for making furniture.

Interesting facts: The speckled alder is used to hide, feed and protect many animals.
Moose, Muskrats, Beavers and Rabbits eat the tree's twigs.  Beavers use the the wood to make dams.  Pine Siskin and Redpolls (birds) eat the tree's seeds.  The alder gets its name from the many white spots that show on the bark.