Image: Maine Tree Club

Scientific name : Acer saccharum Marshall

Height: The Sugar Maple can reach about 50-70 feet in the forest where it is damp and moist. It can be 20-30 inches in diameter.

Soil: This tree needs a lot of space for its roots to grow.

Bark: The bark is gray when young and darker gray when older.

Leaves: The leaves are very green in the summer, and red and yellow in the fall. They can be 8-15cm long .

Seeds: The seeds look like helicopters. You can find them in the spring.

Wood: The Sugar Maple wood can be used for canoe paddles, fuel, furniture, railroad ties, and maybe even fire wood to keep warm.

Interesting facts: In Maine we gather sap from the Sugar Maple in the spring for syrup. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.