Staghorn Sumac


Scientific name: The scientific name for staghorn sumac is Rhus typhina or Rhus hirta.

Height: The sumac might grow to 100-150 feet in 50 years or more!

Soil: The sumac needs rocky soil, loam soil, clay loam soil, or just plain dry soil.

Bark: The bark is smooth and has hairs all over it.  The bark feels smooth and furry like a deer's horns in velvet; this is how they got their name.  The color is light brown and it has some violet pink, too.

Leaves: The leaves have little ridges on them.  The leaves also grow to 9-10 inches!  The shape of the leaves are like an oval with ridges.  The leaves feel smooth and a little bumpy.  The color is a lime color.

Berries: The berries are what looks like a pink dot.  You can make some refreshing sumac lemonade!

Wood: The sumac is used for dye.  The dye is used for colors on clothes, toys, shoes, folders and papers too.  They make the dye with the wood.

Interesting Facts: The sumac can grow to be nine feet around.  The largest sumac recorded lives in Illinois.  It's 257 feet tall.  This tree is deciduous.  This tree is also stubby.