Paper Birch

                                                                                                           Maine Tree Club

Genus: The scientific name for the Paper birch is Betula papyrifera.

Height: This tree can grow up to 50 to 75 feet tall.

Soil: Paper birch trees like soil that is rich and moist.

Bark: The inner bark of the Paper birch is orange. The outer bark is smooth, thin, and white. It is also known as the White birch.

Leaves: The leavesare  wide and flat. They are simple, and not lobed. They are fourand a   half inches long.  The leaves change color, andfall off in the fall.

Seeds: The Paper birch flowers in the spring before the leaves open.  The flowers are in  catkins.  The fruit of this tree has a cone-like structure, one inch long and 1/3 inch thick.  The nutlets fall in the late autumn and winter.

Wood: The wood is a hardwood.  It is light and can decay.

Twigs: The twigs are small and thin.

Interesting Facts: The wood is used for spools, toothpicks, ice cream sticks, plywood, fuel,wood pulp and  canoes.  It is called the Paper birch because pioneers used its bark for paper.  Blueberries and blue bead lillies and many other plants live under this tree.