Groundhog Friends Survey

for First and Second Graders, from our friends in Minnesota!






 Daily Tumblebook ◊

1. Ocean Animals

from Enchanted Learning

2. Dance Mat Typing

3. DIBEL Activities ◊
Letter, sound, rhyme and word activities

4. Starfall ◊  
Beginning reading activities

5. Red Panda Links

     Where do Red Pandas Live?

     a. Red Pandas in the Snow

     b. Red Panda Babies

6. Alphabet Typing Game  

7. AAA Math  
Loads of math activities!

8. ICT Games
Many primary math and reading activities

9. Game Goo ◊  
Monkey Business, and more!

10. Australia  
Learn about the animals, folklore and more!

11. Fact Hound
Want to find out more about your Reading Street topics? Click here and browse by subject!

12. Animal World Map  
Choose a continent and find some of the animals that live there


13, Make Your Own Graph

14. Word Games ◊  

15. Spin and Spell ◊ 

16. Picture Match ◊  
Beginning sounds, short and long vowel sounds

17. Word Build & Bank ◊

18. Create A Graph

19. Zingo Word Builder ◊

20. Zingo 1-2-3


21. Tumblebooks

22. More Endangered Animals  
From Enchanted Learning

23. Logic Zoo

24.Clifford Interactive Storybooks ◊

25. Children's Storybooks Online ◊

26. Words and Pictures ◊  
Phonics activities

28. Parts of the Computer  
Click on Key Terms to see and hear.

30. How Does Your Garden Grow?

31. Word Family Sort ◊ 

32. Online Stories



  Storyline Online

33. Verb Viper ◊

Feed the right verb to the viper by clicking on his head

34. Coconut Vowels ◊

Match the vowel combinations to the coconuts before they reach the beach

35. Alien Addition 


36. Minus Mission

37. Magnetic Chat ◊

Build words

Choose a kit - build sentences, poems, stories

39. Have More Fun ◊

Phonics activities


40. Word Sort ◊

41. Spelling City◊

     find your stories - find activities!

42. Scott Foresman First Grade Activities ◊

47. Project Groundhog 2015

48. Ocean Animals

49. Habitats and Biomes

50. Tumbletown Tales

51. Tinker Ball

52. Simple Machines

54. Goldburger To Go

61. ABC Match

62. Magnetic Numbers

63. Magnetic Letters

64. Learning Zone from Britannica

65. Clicky's Videos from Netsmartz

66. Writing Spider

67. Life Cycle Links

68. Common Words ◊

69. Storyline Online ◊

70. Frogs

Animal Videos to Evaluate

71.   a. Cubs Swim from Danger

        b. Cubs Join the Pride

        c.  Cubs Meet Dad

        d. King Lion

        e. Horses

        f. Guinea Pigs

        g. Rabbits

        h, Parrots

        i. Pigs

        j. Cats

        k. Puppies

        l. Dolphins

        m. Cheetahs

        n. Great White Sharks


72. Binky's Facts and Opinions

73. The Cyber-Five

74. Snakes and Ladders ◊

75. Turtle Diary

76. Animals from Australia: Will it Fit?

77. Lil' Krill

78. Elephants in the Circus

79. Elephants in the Wild







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