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 Daily Tumblebook ◊

Follow A Researcher: to the Falkland Islands


1. African American Biography Links

2. The Arctic

3.a.  Rainforests

b. Rainforests

c. Rainforests

4.a.  Coral Reefs

c. Coral Reefs

5. Starfall
Reading activities

6. AAA Math  
Loads of math activities!

7. ICT Games  
Many primary math and reading activities

8. Game Goo
Monkey Business, and more!


9. The Cyber-Five

10. Snowflake Bentley

     a. Video 1

     b. Video 2

     b. Activity

     c. Timeline Tool

    d. Snowflake Generator Tool

11. Math Games

12. Journey North  

12a. Hummingbird Habitat and Range Map

12b. Hummingbird Slide Show

12c. Frog Facts page

12d. Several Springs Ago

12e. Puffin Cams

13. Ocean Animal Links  
from Enchanted Learning Dictionary

14. Our Endangered Animals

scroll down and click on Watch a Video of the Animal

15. Monarch Life Cycle  
Journey North slide show

16. Fact Hound  
Want to find out more about your Reading Street topics? Click here and browse by subject!


17. Tumblebooks

18. Word Games

19. Journey North Creature Quiz  
Can you identify these sights and sounds of spring?

20. Grammar Practice Park ◊ 
Sentence types, nouns, pronouns, verbs and plurals

21. Word Build & Bank  

22. Map of Hermon, Maine  

23. How Does Your Garden Grow?

24. More Endangered Animals  
From Enchanted Learning

25. Wow, Windmills!

26. Children's Storybooks Online  

27. Space Place  
NASA pages for students

28. Words and Pictures  
Phonics activities

29. Dinosaur Choices  
Scroll down for all your choices!

32. Love Your Dog  
Lots of information about taking care of your pet dog

33. Parts of the Computer

35. Helpful Devices  

36. Picture Match  

Beginning, short and long vowel sounds

40. Magnetic Chat ◊  

Build words

42. Picture Words ◊  


43. Word Wizard ◊  


44. Penguin Facts


45. Online Stories


     Storyline Online

46. Sandcastle Quiz


47. MakeBeliefsComix

Create your own comic strip stories

48. Verb Viper

Feed the right verb to the viper by clicking on his head

49. Word Frog

Find the antonyms, synonyms and homonyms

50. Word Invasion

Identify these parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions

51. Coconut Vowels

Match the vowel combinations to the coconuts before they reach the beach

52. Alien Addition 


53. Minus Mission  

54. Have More Fun

Phonics activities

55. Sequencing Fun

56. Word Family Sort

Short vowel sounds

57. Squanky's Antonyms

Game Goo activity

58. Squanky's Synonyms

Game Goo activity

59. Fly By

Contractions game

60. R-controlled Vowels 1 ◊ 

61. R-controlled Vowels 2

62. Homophones

63. Similes: Animal Crossword puzzle

64. Free Rice

Games that make a difference!

65. Word Sort

66. Spelling City◊

     find your stories - find activities!

67. Second Grade Scott Foresman Links

Resources for students and teachers

68. Inventors (Enchanted Learning/Zoom School)

69. Inventions (Fact Monster)

70. Turtle Diary


73. Scholastic's Computer Lab Favorites

Dozens of language, science, social studies, math and Spanish activities

Select K-2 level

74. Wacky Word Game


75. Rainforest Project





78. EveryDay Math Hangman

review math vocabulary

79. Math Challenge

Jeopardy style game

80. Amazing Words Activities

Click on the 2nd Grade folder

83. Adjective Word Search ◊

84. Grade 2 Math Links

85. Froggie MadLib #1

86. Froggie MadLib #2 


88. Tumbletown Tales

89. Boys' Life 

from the Boy Scouts of America

91. Tinker Ball

92. Simple Machines

93. Chess for Two Players

97. Writing Spider ◊

98. Clicky's videos from Netsmartz

99. Vocabulary Spelling City ◊

select free games in the left column


101. Penguin Links

learn about 9 different types of penguins

          101 a. Baby Penguins Video

          101 b. Emperor Penguins in Winter


                                             Animal Videos to Evaluate


V1 a. Baby Giraffe

      b. Giraffes


V2 a. Tiger Cub

      b. Bronx Zoo Tigers


V3. a. Baby Deer

       b. New Born Deer


102. Jack o' Lantern sequencing ◊

103. Gingerbread sequencing ◊

104. Months of the Year

105. Numbers

106. Inventions

107. Holidays

108. ABC order ◊

109. Another ABC order ◊

110. Phone Book ABC order ◊

112. Snakes and Ldders ◊

113. Cyberchase Math Games

114. The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs

115. Timeline Tool


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